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Mix-it-up-Mosquito Spray or Oil

During the summer months I get the questions weekly: what can we use for mosquito repellent and mosquito bites.  Young Living Lavender essential oil and Purification essential oil blend is my favorite bite remedies.  I recycled a small glass roller-ball container putting in 3-5 drops purification or lavender and filling it up with olive, almond, […]

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Using Himalayan Salt Lamps, Blocks & Inhalers…Part 3 of 3

Recently a local Salt room opened up not far from me.  Several people have called to ask about my experiences with “Salt”.  I’ve used using Himalayan salt lamps, blocks & inhalers for years; the wonderful pink Himalayan salt to cook, as a mineral nutrition supplement, to help open up my respiratory system, and to clean the […]


Tea’s Etc Travel Tumbler

This is a fabulous travel mug. You can brew loose leaf tea directly in the mug and the stainless steel screen allows you to drink your tea without getting a mouthful of herbs. You can purchase the tumbler at: Tea’s Etc

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Take your herbs and look out for those water bottles.

Many states are beginning to ban BPA a chemical commonly found in water bottles.  This Chicago Tribune reviews the legislation and the safety of products containing BPA. If you’d like a BPA-free Travel Tea Tumbler send me an email for current pricing.