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Hardening-Off Seedlings

Hardening-Off Seedlings know how long before the frost to start seeds before its time to plant them in the garden.

I briefly touch on Hardening-Off Seedlings in the Seed Starting post but wanted to share more.

Below is a quick reference guide to use to help you know when the weather is right to harden-off those plants. Monitor the average frost dates in your area and referring to the quick reference guide for when and what plants to start.

Remember: stop fertilizing the seedlings 4-6 days before the hardening off begins.
Pick a cloudy day. Dig a hole that’s a little bigger than the root ball. Tickle the roots gently to separate them before planting in the hole, cover with soil and pat down, water transplants thoroughly.

If using fertilizer…I suggest giving the transplanted seedlings about a week to settle into their new spot in the garden before adding fertilizer. I do add compost or other organic amendments into the soil at the time of transplanting. Continue to monitor soil moisture and the insensitivity of the sun several times a day until the plants are well established. Some may need a little extra attention with a sunshade and a second watering.

Growing where I’m planted…Lisa