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Are these 15 herbs in your kitchen?

Herbal remedies can be as simple as going to your kitchen cupboard.  Healthy Holistic Living suggests 15 culinary herbs you can get medicinal benefits from just by cooking with them.

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Planting a Garden? 7 herbs that grow in the shade

We all have shady areas in our yard that we are looking to plant.  Most herbs are just weeds and they grow everywhere.  Check out this article from Herb Companion for tips on 7 herbs that grow in the shade.

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Tell Washington to keep our vitamins and supplements

We need to exercise our rights on issues such as vitamins and supplements if we want to continue to have the freedom of choice with our health.  To find out about grassroots action you can take click here.  

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Hibiscus tea reduces blood pressure

Hibiscus makes a pink cool-aid drink for kids in the summer. It’s been used to improve hydration and it can help lower blood pressure. Add a little honey and kids will never know the difference. For more information on lowering blood pressure with hibiscus tea check out this post from Natural News.