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Wintering Your Indoor Plants

Winter….weather you enjoy the glistening snow or the cool breezes living in the south winter takes its toll on people and plants: cold, dry temperatures and short, dark days.  I’ve found reduced quantity and quality of light to cause to most strain on my indoor plants.


These conditions can cause indoor plants to drop leaves, yellowing, or a limp dull appearance.  Though these are somewhat natural responses to environmental stress many plants can’t survive the winter indoors.  So what can we do?

  • Keep them away from drafts – cold or hot
  • Don’t fertilize plants during the dormant season
  • Avoid over watering, let them dry out a bit between watering’s.  Watch for signs of dryness like leaf wilt; test the moisture by inserting your finger 1-2 inches into the soil.
  • Use room temperature water
  • Give them a boost in late March with a ½ strength houseplant fertilizer

If you want to pamper your indoor plants or those you brought in from the garden to winter over, consider using a grow light or just replace your regular light bulbs with Miracle LED Grow Bulbs or Bulbrite Plant Grow Reflector Bulbs.

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